Template variables

Every generator makes some variables available to templates. They are documented for each individual generator.

Adding more — the site configuration

If you want to add more variables you can use in your templates, you can add new key/value pairs to the site configuration file file. They are made available to templates as {{site.key}}.

Adding more — the global context

If you need to add variables that are dependent on code, not just hard-coded strings, you can add global context to your templates.

In generate.py, add something like the following:

def work_out_code_stuff():
    return "Some code %s." % 'stuff'

def list_of_stuff():
    stuff = []
    for i in range(1, 3):
        stuff.append("Stuff part %s" % i)
    return stuff

def global_context(self):
    return {
        'code_stuff': work_out_code_stuff(),
        'stuff_list': list_of_stuff(),

GLOBAL_CONTEXT = global_context

Then in your templates you could use the values like so:


  {% for stuff in global.stuff_list %}
  {% endfor %}