Adding assets to your site

Assets, such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, are also commonly known as "static files". This means they don't change even if your HTML does.

(In dynamically generated sites, calling these files "static" makes sense. However, Flourish is a static site generator — meaning it creates websites that do not change dependent on the users viewing the site. All files are "static" in Flourish generated sites, so they are referred to as assets.)

When generating the site (eg running flourish generate), any files in the source directory that aren't seen as source files (ie. files that aren't TOML, JSON or Markdown sources or attachments) are copied to the output directory without changing the filename, directory the file is in, or the contents.

For example, a file logo.png in the source directory, would be output to logo.png when the site is generated. Similarly, a file css/screen.png would be output to css/screen.png when the site is generated.