Generating the site

To generate your Flourish website, use the flourish command line tool:

  • flourish generate — to generate the entire site
  • flourish generate [path ...] — to generate only a part of the site, specify a path or paths. Appending a question mark ? makes it a wildcard match to generate anything that starts with this path (eg. /2020/?).
  • flourish preview — to preview the generated site
  • flourish preview --generate — to preview the site, regenerating pages as you request them in your browser

Unlike some static site generators, Flourish will not generate any output without being told explicitly what to generate. First you need to create a file within your source directory, which is python source code that the flourish command line script reads. Start the file with:

from flourish.generators import (

This file then needs some paths added, and these will need code that says how to generate the HTML.