Template filters

In addition to the template filters provided by Jinja, you can add your own in your generate.py:

def add_cliche(var):
    return var + 'I am a cliche that lives next door.'

    'cliche': add_cliche,

TEMPLATE_FILTERS is a dict that maps the filter name as it will appear in the templates to a callable.


Flourish comes with two filters that you can use:

from flourish.filters import month_name, ordinal

    'month_name': month_name,
    'ordinal': ordinal,
  • ordinal

    Given an integer, will return the ordinal suffix of that number in English, ie. st, nd, rd, or th.

    html {{page.published.day}}{{page.published.day|ordinal}}

  • month_name

    Given an integer between 1 and 12, returns the name of that month.

    html <h1>Articles for {{month|month_name}}</h1>