Flourish API: flourish.generators.base.IndexGenerator

IndexGenerator is the class for generating pages that contain lists of sources. For example: a list of links such as an archive page, or an aggregated page such as a one-page summary.

Other than as noted below, it behaves the same as BaseGenerator.

from flourish.generators import base

        name = 'homepage',
        path = '/',

Class attributes

  • limit — This generator should return no more than limit sources.
  • order_by — This generator should sort matching sources in this way. Default value is None.
  • sources_exclude — This generator should exclude sources that match this filter. Default value is None.
  • sources_filter — This generator should only use sources that match this filter; see Filtering down to specific sources. Default value is None.
  • template_name — This generator should use this template when rendering the content. Default value is index.html.

Context variables

  • current_url — the URL of this page
  • objects — a list of all matching source objects for the current URL
  • pages — a list of all matching source objects for the current URL
  • site — a dictionary containing all of the keys in the _site.toml configuration file


IndexGenerator includes the features of PageIndexContextMixin.