Adding Atom feeds to your site

You can add an Atom feed (which is used identically to RSS) to your site, containing all sources with a published timestamp that is before now (published dates in the future are not considered "published" and so don't appear in the feed).

Before you add a feed, the site configuration file will need three entries added, which are used in the header of Atom feeds:

author = 'Wendy Testaburger'
base_url = ''
title = 'Blog'

Ensure each source which should appear in the feed has at least the following entries:

title = "Blog post about things"
published = 2016-06-30T13:30:00Z

Then add this at the top of your generation script:

from flourish.generators.atom import AtomGenerator

then below, add this to your list of PATHS:

        path = '/index.atom',
        name = 'site-atom-feed',

Regenerate the site and upload it and you should have an Atom feed.