Template functions

There are functions made available for use in templates.

Resolving paths

If you hardcode paths in links in your templates, you are forcing yourself to edit multiple files if/when you change the path. Rather than hardcoding paths in your templates you can use the path() function, like so:

    <li><a href='{{ path("homepage") }}'>Homepage</a></li>
    <li><a href='{{ path("tag-index", tag="css") }}'>Pages tagged CSS</a></li>

The first argument is the symbolic name of the path as defined in your PATHS list. If the path requires any replacable tokens those come after the name.

For a canonical source page, the symbolic name is always 'source'.

Using other data sources

Sometimes you might want to refer to another data source within a template. You can use the lookup() function to return the data for any named source, like so:

{% with post=lookup("something-amazing") %}
  If you're bored, why not read our most popular post
  <a href='{{post.path}}'>{{post.title}}</a>?
{% endwith %}